white wine 

1.     INZOLIA, LA PACE ITALY     175ml £4.35                   250ml £5.65                                        75cl    £16.75

Golden yellow, light with some herbaceous notes delicate, fruity elegant palate with notes of pear drops & apples.


2.     CHARDONNAY, LE GRAND NOIR     FRANCE         175ml £4.85              250ml £6.45 75cl    £18.50

Yellow green colour, intense aromas of lime, mango, yellow fruit, buttery, violets with mild toasted oak. Rich palette with yellow fruit lime flavours, lingering integrated oak with excellent length.

3. CHENIN BLANC, OBIKWA S.A  175ml £5.15 250ml 6.85 75cl £18.95

Obikwa Chenin Blanc is lively, fresh & fruity. It develops aromas of peach & pineapple, coupled w/ strawberry


4.     VIOGNIER, LE VERSANT       FRANCE          175ml £5.15                   250ml £6.85            75cl    £19.95

A cracking Viognier from the Languedoc, exhibiting hints of peach, apricot & spice


5.     PINOT GRIGIO, CA MONTINI  SINGLE VINEYARD ITALY      175ml £5.15           250ml £6.85                  75cl    £19.95

Bright straw-yellow with light greenish hues. It has an intense bouquet with hints of tropical fruit & flowery overtones; well-orchestrated & delicate mouthfeel, fresh & rich in flavour


6.     CUNE BLANCO       SPAIN         175ml £5.15                   250ml £6.85             75cl    £19.95

Good nose & balance with aromas of white fruit, smoked & nutty flavours. Silky, fresh, with a slight sweetness, caramel & honey initially, followed by a long aftertaste. This wine combines very well with appetizers & Oriental cuisine due to its mild sweetness


7.     PICPOUL DE PINET     FRANCE      175ml £5.45                250ml £7.15                         75cl    £20.95

This delicious Picpoul has classic aromas of white flowers & stone fruit. The palate is crisp, refreshing & full of flavour with pear, lemon & pineapple fruits mingled with floral notes.


8.    GERWURZTRAMINER, BEBLENHEIM  FRANCE     175ml £6.65         250ml £8.85              75cl    £25.95

Shows typical GWT fruit character of pear, rose petal & lychee enhanced with exotic notes of spice & a hint of peppermint. Great with Oriental cuisine


9.    SAUVIGNON BLANC, 3 STONES N.Z   175ml £6.75         250ml £8.85 75cl    £25.95

Fresh, uplifting gooseberry & citrus aromas develop into more exotic guava & mango notes. The palate equally overflows with grapefruit & lush tropical fruits, tangy acidity & just a hint of sweetness to round out the mouth.


10.   RIESLING, RESERVE PARTICULIERE       FRANCE      175ml £6.75           250ml £8.85 75cl    £25.95

Stylish quality from one of the top growers in Alsace


11. SANCERRE, MOREUX  FRANCE         75cl    £30.95

 Flowery, fragrant nose redolent of gooseberries; dry on the palate; lightly but firmly balanced with intensity of flavour & long in the mouth

red wine

12. TEMPRANILLO, LA CAMELIAS      SPAIN          175ml £4.35               250ml £5.65    75cl    £16.75          

This  Spanish blend is cherry red in colour with vibrant red fruit flavours, hints of white pepper & a soft, rounded finish. 

13.     PRIMITIVO, GORILLA      ITALY    175ml £4.85                   250ml £6.45                     75cl    £18.95

Aged for 6 months in oak barrels, adding a hint of spice to the ripe fruit character of the Primitivo. Notes of plums, prunes, chocolate & Christmas spice.

14.    CABERNET SAUVIGNON, VISTAMAR BRISA       CHILE     175ml £4.85              250ml £6.45         75cl    £18.95

This wine expresses aromas of blackberries, plums & black cherries, with hints of vanilla and toast. This is carried through to the plate with notes of caramel & smoke coming through.


15. SHIRAZ, COORONG ESTATE   AUSTRALIA 175ml £4.95 250ml £6.65 75cl £19.50

This full bodied wine is vibrant purple w/ aromas of black pepper, spice & soft red cherry fruits, which all shows on the palate, along with complex oak & savoury spice


16.    MALBEC, LA LINDA    ARGENTINA               175ml £5.15              250ml £6.75 75cl    £19.95

This wine has a distinctive intense deep red colour. Black cherry & spicy aromas are found on the nose while  on the palate it displays balanced tannins obtained after ageing in French oak for three months. It is a velvety, elegant & modern wine with a sound structure.


17.    MERLOT,ERRAZURIZ        CHILE        175ml £5.15                   250ml £6.85                 75cl    £19.95

Full-bodied, generous & richly fruity with succulent blueberry & plum characters together with delicate savoury notes of coffee, chocolate & toasty oak, extremely stylish easy drinking


18.   RIOJA CRIANZA, CUNE      SPAIN       175ml £5.45                   250ml £7.15                  75cl    £20.95

This fine Crianza shows an elegant mouth pass, yet very lively, with some spicy back notes & balanced acidity.


19.    CHIANTI  RISERVA BADIOLO ITALY         175ml £5.60              250ml £7.45     75cl    £21.95

This wine has a dry yet rounded flavour, fresh and cheeky. It has an intense fragrance & a persistent nose with & a ruby red colour.

20.     COTE DU RHONE, COLOMBO et FILLE    FRANCE        175ml £6.75          250ml £8.75 75cl    £25.95

Garnet-red, the nose shows aromas of red fruits, mainly morello cherry, & spice such as liquorice & white pepper; the palate is well structured with silky tannins


21. PINOT NOIR, LOUIS JADOT            FRANCE    175ml £7.35                   250ml £9.65      75cl    £28.95

Medium bodied with a lovely purity of raspberry & cherry  fruit & smooth tannins, this carefully oak aged wine is a blend of mainly Côte d'Or Pinot Noir backed up by a little from Côte Chalonnaise



22.    PINOT GRIGIO ROSE, FOLINARI         ITALY         175ML £4.50                  250ML £5.95          75cl    £16.95

Distinct nose rich in freshly crushed strawberry flavours, with ripe cherry nuances & hints of Turkish delight & spice. A soft dry finish with a fruity aftertaste.


23.    WHITE ZINFANDEL, RIPTIDE USA      175ML £4.80                  250ML £6.40          75cl    £18.95

A sweetish palate of crushed strawberries & raspberries with added Muscat for intensity


champanges & sparkling


24.     PROSECCO, SANTA ELENI       ITALY           125ML £4.95     75cl    £23.95

Crisp, fruity, its taste is reminiscent of the fragrance of a fruit cocktail made with apples. This particular fruity sparkling wine is the result of natural fermentation in autoclaves


25.    AUTREAU PREMIER CRU            FRANCE          75cl    £42.50

A light fresh, vigorously youthful champagne with a fine elegant mousse & a long crisp palate



 Fabulously rich & dry, full bodied from this black grape dominated blend with creamy biscuit flavours