small dishes

Small dishes served as starters or to share Dim Sum style

1.     Grilled Pork Dumplings   £5.30
        4 wok grilled Chinese style dumplings filled with minced pork & chopped cabbage with
        a hint of ginger, served with sweet chilli sauce


2.     Grilled Vegetable Gyozas (v) £5.30

Served w/ ginger soy vinagrette


3.     Satay Chicken (n)(gf)   £5.50
        4 skewers of marinated chicken,served with cucumber & a spicy peanut sauce


4.     Vegetable Spring Rolls (v)    £4.90
        3 crispy spring rolls filled with finely sliced cabbage, carrots, vermicelli, & mok yee,
        served with sweet chilli sauce


5.     Crispy Duck Rolls   £6.55
        Crispy spring rolls filled with aromatic duck, cucumber & served with hoi sin sauce 


6.      Steamed Dim Sum   

  Prawn Har Kau £4.05

Prawn & Pork Siu Mai £4.05

Char Siu Buns £3.80


 7.    Korean Chilli Beef Skewers(gf)   £6.60

        pieces of ribeye, marinated in Korean chilli bean paste

8.    Edamame (lightly salted / wok fried & spicy) (v) (gf)  £4.20 / £4.80
       Green soya beans in their pods served either steamed & lightly salted or wok fried with
         chopped chillies, ginger, coriander & garlic

9.    Salt & Chilli Squid  (gf) £6.95
       Tender pieces of squid coated in a light batter & then wok fried with chillies, garlic & five spice

10.    Spicy Prawn Crackers(gf)   £2.60
         Thai style crispy crackers


11.  Chilli Won Tons / Pork Dumplings £5.30

  Prawn Won Tons or Pork Dumplings served w/ chilli soy


12.    Crispy Duck   ¼ £13.00 ½  £25.00
       Served with pancakes, hoi sin sauce, cucumber & spring onions


13. Vietnamese Chicken Spring Rolls  (gf) £6.15

3 rice paper rolls filled w/ chicken & vegetables. Crispy fried & served w/ fresh lettuce to wrap & a Nuoc Cham dipping sauce


14. Korean Style Chicken Wings        £6.80

Deep fried crispy wings w/ coated in a spicy Korean 


15. Marinated Beef Shin                       £6.50

Cold slices of beef shin marianted in mixed spices


16. Sesame Prawn Toast                   £5.90

served w/ sweet chilli sauce

soup noodles

21.     Laksa   £9.80
          Egg noodles in a spicy Malaysian coconut soup with chicken, prawns, fish cake, egg, 
          bean sprouts & tofu, garnished with chopped chillies & coriander

22.     Brisket (ramen, udon or ho fun noodles)   £9.80
          Slow cooked brisket scented w/ star anise, cinnamon, fennel & coriander seeds. Served w/ baby spinach, carrots, wakame& garnished with spring onions & fried shallots

23.     Grilled Chicken (ramen or udon noodles)   £9.70
          Char grilled teriyaki marinated chicken breast served with baby spinach, menma, carrots,
          wakame & garnished with spring onions & fried shallots, served in a clear broth

24.     Won Ton (ramen or udon noodles)   £9.70
          Minced prawn dumplings with baby spinach, menma, carrots & wakame in a clear broth,
          garnished with spring onions & fried shallots


25.     Roast Duck (ramen or udon noodles)   £10.75
          Five spice roasted duck with baby spinach, wakame, menma, carrots, served in a
          clear broth & garnished with spring onions & fried shallots

26.     Korean Chilli Seafood Udon £9.95

  Soup noodle w/ salmon, prawns, fishcake, squid, baby spinach, sweetcorn, wakame, egg, carrots, served in a fiery broth & garnished w/ spring onions, chillies & fried shallots

30.   Beef Shin (ramen or udon noodles) £10.75

Sliced beef shin marinated in mixed spices w/baby spinach, carrots, wakame & garnished w/spring onions & fried shallots, served in a clear broth



stir fried noodles

51.      Beef Kway Teow    £9.85
           Wok fried ho fun rice noodles with sliced beef, pak choi, bean sprouts & egg
           garnished with chillies, spring onions & fried shallots

52.      Crispy Seafood Noodles    £10.25
            Pan fried thin egg noodles topped with prawns, squid, sliced fish cakes & pak choi,
            in a garlic oyster sauce, garnished with spring onions & fried shallots

53.      Spicy Yasai Udon (v)    £9.60

           Wok fried udon noodles with courgettes, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, mange tout,
           aubergine, tofu & bean sprouts, garnished with spring onions & fried shallots

54.    Mee Goreng £9.85

    Spicy wok fried egg noodles w/ chicken, fishcake,  pak choi, beansprouts, cabbage and chillies

55.      Singapore Noodles    £9.85
           Stir fried rice vermicelli in a medium spice curry paste with prawns,egg, chicken, carrots, 
           mange tout & garnished with sesame seeds & a wedge of lime

56.      Crispy Noodles    £10.75

            Pan fried thin egg noodles topped with roast duck, carrots, straw mushrooms & mange tout
            in a oyster & garlic sauce

57.   Beef Ho Fun             £9.85

Ho Fun rice noodles w/ stir fried beef, peppers & onions in a black bean sauce




71.      Chicken Katsu Curry    £9.85
           Chicken fillet coated in panko , served with a light curry sauce, steamed white rice
           & salad garnish

72.     Ma Po Tofu (gf)             £9.85

Stir fried minced pork & Japanese silken tofu w/ chilli bean paste, bamboo shoots & Shiitake served w/ steamed rice

73.      Malaysian Lamb Curry   (gf)   £10.75
Slow cooked lamb pieces & new potatoes in a rich coconut curry, served with steamed 
           white rice & garnished with desiccated coconut 

74.      Nasi Goreng    £9.85

           Spicy fried rice with egg, prawns, chicken, sweet corn, cabbage, carrots, peas,
           & garnished with red chillies & prawn crackers

75.      Thai Red Curry (Chicken / Vegetable & Tofu / prawn)(gf)    £10.25 / £9.90 / £10.75
           Classic Thai curry with aubergine, mangetout, baby corn, edamame peas & shiitake mushroom. Served with
           steamed rice

76.      Salt & Pepper Pork  (gf)    £9.95
           Tender pieces of pork coated in a light batter then wok fried with
           chopped red chillies, garlic, onions & five spice, finished with a dash of shaohsing wine

77.      Salt & Pepper Chicken (gf)     £9.95
Tender pieces of chicken coated in a light batter then wok fried with 
           chopped red chillies, garlic, onions & five spice, finished with a dash of shaohsing wine

78.    Sweet & Sour Chicken / Prawn £9.85 / £10.50

    served w/ steamed rice

79.   Sichuan Style Lamb £10.75

Wok fried lamb slices w/cumin, Sichuan peppercorns, dried chillies, peppers & onions



80.      Salmon Tataki w/ Asian Noodle Salad (gf)             £9.95

Lightly seared salmon , served on a bed of rice noodles, carrots, cucumber, mint & coriander in a sweet chilli dressing

82.      Thai Rare Beef Salad (gf)             £9.95

Medium rare grilled strips of sirloin tossed in a salad of bean sprouts, baby gem, cucumber, mint, coriander, cherry tomatoes & grapefruit in a chilli lime dressing 

84.    Pan Fried Sea Bass w/ wok fried vegetables (gf)          £10.95

Pan fried fillet of sea bass, served w/ lightly stir fried mangetout, pak choi, beansprouts, peppers & garlic


(v) Vegetarian (n) Contains nuts (gf) gluten free


105.     Steamed White Rice     £2.50

106.     Egg Fried Rice    £3.20

107.     Stir Fried Egg Noodles     £3.80

108.     Stir Fried Pak Choi w/Garlic     £5.95

109.     Curry Sauce    £2.00

soft drinks

201.    Fresh Orange Juice     £2.70

202.    Aloe Vera Drink £3.00

203.    Lychee & Mint Cooler £2.90

204.    Pure coconut Water £3.65

205.    Coca Cola 330ml     £2.85

206.    Diet Coca Cola 330ml     £2.85

207.    Sprite 330ml £2.85

208.    Sparkling Water 330ml     £2.25

209.    Still Water 330ml    £2.25

405.    Green Tea      £2.00

406.    Oolong Tea   £2.00

407.   Ginger Beer    £2.85

beers & sake

300.    Tsing Tao 330ml      £3.95

301.    Rekorderlig Cider 500ml   £5.25

302.    Tiger  330ml    £3.95

303.    Singha   330ml   £3.95

304.    Corona    330ml  £3.95

305.     Draught Beers     pint £5.20

501.    Ozeki Sake (served hot) 125ml    £5.45